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Don’t just make resolutions! Change your life!

Don’t just make resolutions! Change your life!

Most of us want to change and improve ourselves, which is truly an inspiring thing.

Each year we look to the New Year for a fresh start, setting resolutions in hopes that we’ll actually stick to them this time around. Yet most never come true.

The main reason most resolutions fail is because most of us are “wishing” rather than setting clear concise goals and creating new habits.

“I want to lose weight.”

“I want to pay off debt.”

“I want to save more money.”

“I want to spend more time with my family.”

Each one of these statements is simply a “wish.” An abstract resolution that isn’t tied to a specific behavior is nearly impossible for your brain to focus on.

So what can we do to actually achieve our goals and grow ourselves in 2016?

Learning to set clear, behavioral and measurable goals is a powerful component to creating real change in our lives.

Let’s focus on our weight loss resolution. Instead of just wishing and saying, “I want to lose weight,” make this into a clear goal by changing it to: “I will lose 10lbs by March 1st by following my nutrition plan, eating healthy options every 3 hours, and working out 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week.”

By setting specific goals, you set targets for yourself. These targets make you venture into new places, new contexts, new situations, and put you into growth mode. These targets also create new habits, and most importantly, they make you stretch beyond your normal self and help you become an even better version of YOU. And that’s ultimately what we are all looking for right? ;)

So this year DECIDE to change your life and take the necessary ACTION toward that change. Be in the group that sets the goal, creates the new habits, makes the change and truly grows themselves.

Together let’s make this the best year ever.
December 22, 2015