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Staying Consistent After the New Year’s “buzz” has faded

Staying Consistent After the New Year’s “buzz” has faded

We make our New Year’s resolutions. We set goals to accomplish. We are motivated and excited, ready to start a new chapter! And then … something happens…You start losing motivation, have new distractions taking your focus away from your goal or feel like you’re not getting anywhere even with all your hard work.

Instant gratification – the desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay or deferment.

We live in a society that allows us to have everything we want and have it right now. This desire for instant gratification can cause us to be our own worst enemies. Here are some helpful outlooks to stay motivated and keep yourself on track:

Remember back to that deciding moment you said ‘I’ve had enough, it’s time to change”. What caused that feeling? What was your trigger to make the change? Write it down. Use a photo. That is a moment you want to keep in mind to drive your motivation.

Hey! You didn’t just gain 10lbs, 25lbs or 50lbs overnight! That took time too! Before your ‘it’s time’ deciding moment, do you remember how long it took for your body to get to that point? Most likely a few months or years even. Take a deep breathe, this will be another journey over time.

If you’ve been consistent with your nutrition plan and you want to reward yourself with a cheat day…

You’re not a dog, you don’t need rewards.

Don’t deprive yourself in the first place. Find balance to enjoy the things you love in a healthier amount or find a healthier alternative to the same favorites. It’s very simple to make small substitutes without missing the flavor of those choices and if you cant find a tasty substitute, eat it! Everything in moderation to fuel your body.

Don’t let one “off” day or “wrong” choice derail your progress. This is a lifestyle, so you will always be faced with challenges during your journey. We all have to attend those weddings, baby showers, family events, summer bar-b-que’s and vacations; guess what?! You CAN have it all! Have fun, enjoy your event and find the healthier options to fit your needs. When you wake up the next day, accept your choices and get back into your motivated mindset

Just remember – You ARE worth it. Find the reason why you are on this journey: better health, fit into that bathing suit, have confidence … whatever your why is … do it for you.
February 1, 2016